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News: Customer Service/Care

Customer service training: Customer care more important than pricing

30 November 2008

A new survey has highlighted the significant benefits which customer service and call centre training can yield to an organisation.The work by Accenture canvassed the opinions of 4,100 consumers across eight co...

Empowered public 'demand excellent customer service'

30 November 2008

People are no longer passive consumers and now expect higher levels of customer service than before, it has been asserted.Industry commentator Ossie Hopkins, who helped set up Institute of Customer Service made...

Britons spending 5.8bn hours 'talking to customer service'

28 November 2008

UK consumers spend more than two hours each week dealing with customer service representatives, new research shows.Analysis published by DHL Express finds the country spends a total of 5.8 billion hours each ye...

Customer service training 'can increase consumer retention'

20 November 2008

Customer care centres can improve company performance by effectively dealing with complaints, a recent study has shown. According to research carried out by Charter UK at the Call Centre Expo 08, those which tr...

Automotive firms urged to invest in training

17 November 2008

Automotive firms looking to protect themselves during the economic downturn should invest in staff training, it is claimed.The sector skills council for science engineering and manufacturing technologies Semta ...

Credit providers 'would do well' to boost customer care training

05 November 2008

Customer service training is needed for staff in a number of the UK's credit card companies, according to a new assessment of the industry.The US-based CFI Group released its first National Customer Satisfactio...